How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?


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Dec 15, 2018

How Much Does A WordPress Website Cost?

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating and managing websites — any kind of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. If you are thinking to create a blog or website, whether you are an entrepreneur starting a business or blogging to earn money, you can’t ignore WordPress, as it is the most popular CMS which can be modified to create sites of almost any type. While thinking to start a WordPress website or blog, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself is “how much does it will cost?”

In this article we’ll tackle the question of how much a WordPress website should really cost, for this you should know some things first.

  • Firstly get an expert to do the job who is a genuine expert.
  • A definite budget should be made, as it may cost you some thousand dollars.
  • Employing a WordPress Development company will manage your time and mental space for properly planning and maintain the overall build.
  • Focusing on the WordPress Development Company you are hiring.

The Proper Process

The first thing you will need is a proper plan for your website. This plan includes knowing the website building goals, target audience and way by which the website will be made.

  • Purpose of building website- The main purpose of building a website is converting a click into paying customer. You have to plan and design a website that increases the conversion rate.
  • Knowing the target audience- It is very necessary to identify tour target audience, it will cut your cost a lot.
  • Way of building the website- Yes, the way by which you want to make your website makes a huge difference. A freelancer will charge differently than a website development company. You have to decide which path to go.

These points are very important as they decide the foundation of your website and also don’t involve wordpress in it. So, do plan suitably.

Hidden Costs

There are some obvious costs related to wordpress websites such as purchase price and regular maintenance. Expect them there are some real costs associated to it that needs to be taken in account.

These hidden costs are:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Premium theme
  • Developer fees
  • Security services
  • Storage and backups

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Actual Costs

WordPress website cost starts with $1000 and goes up to $5500. The cost to build a website is a constantly moving target, especially when it comes to WordPress or custom sites. You can choose a decent WordPress development company, they will install, Develop and customize wordpress for you. You will need to pay them for Theme customization, Development and search engine optimization.

Domain Name: The first thing you will need to buy is a domain name. It is the URL that people will type to find your website. It generally costs 10$ to 15$ per year.

Web Hosting: Once you had the domain name you will need web hosting. It is very inexpensive, as they start from $19- $47.

Website Designing: Everyone wants a beautiful website and wordpress has thousands of great looking themes available in it. You need to choose it keeping in mind what you want to represent through your brand. The WordPress frameworks and theme starts costing from $60 to $5000, also the plugins enhances the functionality of wordpress site and the costs $100 to $3000 depending upon your choice.

Website Maintenance: Last but not the least, is maintenance. WordPress needs regular maintenance in terms of core software, theme updates and update of plugins. The cost is pretty minimal when you hire a good WordPress Development company.

Ouray Solution is a leading website development company which can help you to make your business bigger by building you a unique and cost effective wordpress website. We assure you a world class WordPress Development solution within your budget.

Note: The prices may very according to your requirement and development agency.

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