How To Create Amazing Landing Pages To Improve Your Conversion Rate‎?



Dec 14, 2018

How To Create Amazing Landing Pages To Improve Your Conversion Rate‎?

As a website owner, you must understand the importance of landing page. It is the most significant page of your site where a user lands after clicking on an advertisement i.e. Google text ad or display ad. Most inexperienced digital marketers often direct PPC traffic to their homepage, but this is a big mistake that must be avoided. Landing page with different attractive offers is important for providing a good experience to visitors and boosting conversions with a specific message that suits user’s need.

Your offers are amazing and ads are optimized well. But, your online business may face difficulties without a high-quality landing page. An engaging landing page is the base of a successful website. A well-presented, flawless landing page grabs the users’ attention and encourages them to buy your product or services.

In this blog, you will find the most effective tips on how to create the amazing landing pages:

Clean & Organized Design

The overall appearance of your page will have a great impact on the efficacy of your landing page and conversions. Whether it is about filling out a contact Form, signing up for a newsletter, buying or downloading something, the look & feel of your landing page should be as easy as possible. An attractive landing page is the blend of rich color, clean design, and eye-catching images.

Minimalist Design

Try to create a clean page without any navigation, animations, and pop-ups. A well-designed yet simple landing page gives all the vital information required to convert the visitors, but do not add extra. Too much information and animations can confuse visitors and make them go without any conversions. First, think what key details really need to be presented on the landing page. You can even highlight the most important points of your special offer with large texts.

Use Header to Highlight Offer Value

An effective landing page must have a great offer with the clear explanation. You can use engaging headline with subheadings to promote your offer in the right way. Moreover, you can offer coupons or discounts or a free or trial version of your product. Remember, you have just 9 seconds to convert site visitors.


The call to action is what you want users to do after coming to the landing page of your site such as Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Try It, and Watch Our Video. This is the most important section that must be created well while carefully deciding size, text color, and position of the button. Do not confuse them with several other requests. Make sure the CTA is presented in a clean and visually distinct way. Always make it easier for the users to choose the desired action.

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Make Your Page Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, it is important that your landing page and website work flawlessly on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. However, a mobile-friendly website may double your conversions. Make sure everything on a page is well presented even on the smartphones.

Keep Your Forms Short

When the visitors come to your website, as a digital marketer you want to get as much information as you can from them. But, when it comes to providing an effective landing page, you should not ask the detailed information. The more field you ask a user to provide, the less possibility you have of them filling the form. Thus, do not provide more fields in the contact form. If your website needs a form, then only ask the fundamentals of what you require for further process.

Maintain your brand

If you are planning to make your landing page look different from other pages of your website, then you really need to pull the breaks. Try to use the same design, fonts, and colors you are using on the other pages. It will enforce the brand awareness and help you convert the site visitor.

All these easy yet effective tips will definitely help you create amazing landing pages to improve your conversion rate‎. If you are looking for a creative web and mobile app development company to build an effective landing page and website, then you have come to the right place. We at Ouray Solution offer the most innovative range of WordPress, Drupal, Magento, PHP, and Joomla development services at the right price.


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